The Sister I never had.

I am not easily attached. I was once the type of person who doesn’t really believe that there are deserving people who you can call as ‘true friend’, but I’m just lucky enough to know that someone like her exists… I have Maii.

I first met her sa Chemistry class ni Maam Banias, Room S-203, year 2009. Nka’light orange sya ng tundong at nkastripes na damit at pink na skinny jeans. She was sitting just in front of me sa right side ng row ng mga upuan. At first, hndi ko aakalaing magiging magkaibigan kami. She’s so loud lalo na pag tumatawa.

But then since Archie, a close friend of mine since highschool is an acquaintance of Julaiha, which happens to be somewhat nakatabi ng crush ni Maii sa B.O (I didn’t really know the whole story here). But the stalker that Maii is, befriended Julaiha only to ask questions tungkol sa crush nea. HAHA. We talked. I asked for their phone numbers  and we got to know each other more. And that was when we started to get close. We even eat together during lab breaks to the point na parati kaming npapagalitan dahil late na kung bumalik dahil sa kakachismis.

Each day, we became closer that one point there, I started to consider her as my sister. She knows everything about me, and she’s always been there for me.

When I had to go somewhere and had no one to go with, she’d still go with me even if she’s hell tired. We kill time by eating, shopping, eating and eating..

She’s the type of friend na hindi na kelangan ng mraming salita. We share that special bond na nagegets na namin agad kung anung iniisip o nraramdaman ng isa. Hindi rin kami madalas mglambingan nito. Madalas pa nga binabara nya ako, but that’s what I love about her. Walang kyeme kyeme. Walang plastikan. And though, hindi kami mdalas mgsweet-talk, deep down inside we deeply care for each other. No words are needed. Understood na yun. It was a given.

She’s one of those few people I consider as my true friend. When I’m with her, there’s no pretensions. Hindi kailangan mgpanggap para magfit-in. I can be my total self. She has seen my flaws, mood-swings and annoying traits and I’m not bothered by it because I know at the end of the day she’s one of those very few people that’d still be there for me no matter what.

Anyways, happy birthday again, Maii! I wish for your genuine happiness in life. Sana sabay tayong mkapagpractice ng profession natin. Alam mo na yung mga pangarap natin. Sana mkamit natin pareho. May Allah guide and bless you and your family always. Hndi ko man parati sinasabi to, I love you, kayo ni ice, y’know that ryt?

Kahit hindi na tayo madalas ngkakasama sa room, kahit hindi na tayo madalas partners sa lab. Kahit busy na tayo sa kanya2ng thesis and there’s no more time for us to hangout kagaya ng dati. Kahit fail yung mga travel plans natin. Kahit hindi mshado ako nkakasama sa hangouts neo nila ada…

I will always be here for you no matter what.. even if it gets to a point that the world will turn their back on you. I’ll always be by your side. Remember that. ♥

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I’m feeling down. I had a tough day at school. I have begun conducting my research study and seems that my luck have indeed all run out.. everything turned out to be a DISASTER. With a capital D. I know it’s hard but I didn’t expect it to be THIS hard. Ugh. Now, I’m so confused and I don’t know what to do anymore :(

Not that Kind of Girl by Siobhan Vivian

At dahil wala n nman akong magawa kanina, umandar na naman ang pagkabookworm ko..

If you are wondering, yes, I actually would have had other, more important things to do. Such as studying, for example. But after exhausting myself pointlessly on my thesis papers and report making for about an hour, I decided to throw in the towel and reward myself with some quality book time. Which is something the main character here, Natalie, probably would not approve of. 

So I decided to give this book a review dahil in a way, medyo nakaka-relate ako sa bida dahil pareho kaming uptight.

Nung una, akala ko it was going to be light and fluffy. After all, the cover boasts a young, pretty couple in the throes of what looks to be a sweet, affectionate kiss. Kaya inassume ko agad that this would be another typical young-adult romance added with teenage emotional drama for added conflict.. but what I got was so much more. While I was anticipating a cutesy romance, I received a wonderful tale that managed to give me some food for thought.

The story revolves with Natalie Sterling, the goody two-shoes senior school council president, who thinks she got it all figured out. She was too uptight and has big goals in life. Natalie has it all together, she’s pretty, intelligent, accomplished and assumingly intuitive. She wants to be someone. So she works hard for it and won’t let herself be distracted by anything. Especially not by boys. (She’s a feminist!) But with this ambition also comes a certain aloofness and a self-imposed isolation that may be viewed as pride and arrogance. Natalie most definitely is not as wise and knowing as she thinks she is when a new freshman girl in town, and she, along with the good looking senior jock, Conner, are about to open Natalie’s eyes to a whole new realm of possibilities.

"Not that kind of Girl" taps into the very essence of a battle that all young girls face throughout their lives. There’s a fine line between prudishness and whorishness. Women often walk a tightrope on their journey of self discovery. What’s sexually empowering, when does it become slutty, when do we lose control? And how do we maintain that control while delving into our own sexuality? This was a brilliant story that fully encompassed the awkwardness, the impotence, and uncertainty that accompanies our teen years. I felt as though I had been thrown back into high school as the portrayal, verbage, etc. was spot on. I felt Natalie’s joy, fear, pain and frustration and was glad to see her finally come to terms with a very valuable lesson. Siobhan Vivian has written a wonderful story that I would recommend to women of any age.

Back from the dead.

Yay. After months of hiatus. I’m finally back! But I’m not sure if I can update that often. Busy kasi dahil graduating na ako at nagti-thesis na, which by the way, I am so unfortunate of dahil ang napunta sa aking adviser ay ang pinakatamad sa lahat! So imagine the extra effort I have to exert. Sigh. But anyways, it was partially my fault din naman because truth is, tamad din talaga ako minsan. HAHA. Hindi pla minsan. MADALAS. Ayun. I decided to update my Tumblr again dahil parang wala n akong connection sa outside world. I have always been a homebody. Ni wala akong social life at kahit sa social networking sites, dini-deprive ko pa rin ang sarili ko.I even deactivated my Facebook for no reasons at all and I rarely update my Twitter. Haha. Yah, Ako na ang loser. Pero happy and contented naman ako kahit ganito. Haay. The irony of life. So bale, in the mean time, aaligid2 muna ako dito.. :)


Thank you rin sa mga friends ko na gaya ni Artsie na umuwi pa kahit sampung bundok ang kailangang suungin para makarating.. I soo love you Arch. You are such a sweet and loving soul and thanks for always being there for me…

Kay James, na palpak na naman as ever. ‘Keep byutipol. I wish you all lucky’.. HUH? HAHA. Nevertheless, I love you guys, eventhou I have odd ways of showing it like, y’know. bossing you around or something.

Kay Jab, my friendship for almost 15 years now. Tahimik ka lang pero alam ko andyan ka parati at hndi ako iiwan when the time comes na kelangan ko ng kbgan. Grabe, dun plang sa acting mo na budoy2, napahagulgol na ako (literal). HAHA

Kay Miko, miss ko na rin ang ‘PAGSASAMA’ natin. LOL. Naaalala ko walang araw na hndi ako natatawa pag magkasama tayo dati. Pag andyan ka, lumalabas talaga ang pagkataklesa ko. HAHA. I miss you too*

To Joyce who called straight from I dunno saang lupalop ng mundo! Wow. Level-up na talaga. HAHA. I love you gurl, thanks for remembering my birthday. I was so touched to the highest level.

Kay Ness, thanks sa greeting. Kahit na “Happy Birthday, butcheek. Imissyou!” lang ang nasabi mo…natouch na ako sa “Imissyou!” haha.

Sa aking bestfriend na si Alea, na-touch ako sa message mo bebe. HAHA. Namiss ko na rin yung pangbubully natin kay Archie. Yung napapagalitan pa tayo ng teachers dahil hindi na tayo naghihiwalay. Kulang na lang maglive-in na tayo. LOL. Kahit hndi na mashado tayo nkakapagbond, you know you’ll always be my bestest friend. Thanks for bringing sunshine to my gloomy life. Iloveyou so much.

And lastly again, uulitin ko lang sinabi ko. Sa aking darling, myloves, SimsiMhot, thank you for the time and effort you exerted. You are bad with giving surprises, but you have somehow managed to pull it off this year. HAHA :D You have been such a blessing to my life. You have been my light, my shade, my eyes when I can’t see and my sumbungan on times I’m sad or hurt. You are always on my side through good and rough times and I am sooo blessed to have known someone as loyal as you are. Thanks for trusting in my capabilities and for seeing things I myself can’t see in me. You are my best friend, my brother and lover all rolled into one. Thanks for always understanding me and embracing even the worst in me. I love you forever.

18th Birthday.

Message of thanks PART 1:

Let me thank specific people who made this birthday extra special: Sa aking bio family, salamat ng marami sa mga nag-greet. Bio1, Bio2, Bio3 at Bio4, sa mga alumni. At syempre ang aking sisterettes sa bio, Maiee Ü & Alisa

Ice, thank you and sorry kung namisunderstood kita dati. I thought you don’t like to hang out with us kasi hindi mo feel ang kajologsan namin ni Maii but I was wrong. Hindi man tayo madalas maglambingan dahil ‘so gay’ ika nga. Pero Iloveyou so much, y’know that. 

Kay Maii, ang kasama ko parati umulan bumagyo. Thank you for always being there for me kahit madalas tayo napapatrouble dahil sa mga bibig at beauty natin. Napa-away tayo sa mga bakla. Nakipagsumbatan sa mga adik na mukhang kakalabas lang ng preso sa chowking dahil tingin ng tingin. Nakalaban ang buong sambayanan ng * alam mo na * HAHA. I do become bold when I’m with youSalamat sa hndi sawang (hnidi nga ba?) pakikinig sa kadadakdak at kakalitanya ko araw2. HAHA. Ikaw ata ang diary ko. Hehe. But honestly, you were the sister I never had. Iloveyou. At  sana ishare mo na sa akin yung secret recipe of your Mother’s Special Ice cream. HAHA. 

Kay Bhes at Teban, Salamat. Lalo na kay teban. Thanks sa greeting mong nakaka-touch “H18BDAY CT”. Wow. Na-touch talaga ako.

Sa TRES MARIAS at LONG LEGGED GIRLS sa room with representative Fhar,HAHAHA! Thank you. I never thought magiging friendships tayo because I’m sure…nung hindi pa tayo magkakakilala eh nag ookrayan tayo mga bakla. Alam nyo naman, mainit ang mga itsura natin sa mata. Hahaha. Pero madalas man di magkasundo, I love you pa rin girls! :D


Siomai: Greatest Warrior

Hahaha! Ang cute cute naman. :>


Siomai: Greatest Warrior

Hahaha! Ang cute cute naman. :>

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Beautiful People

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